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About Ferdous Haider

Ferdous has transformed the way businesses engage with their audience in digital multi-screen world. He works closely with major digital marketing agencies to offer integrated digital marketing solutions largely focused on marketing automation to ensure efficiency and reliability.

Ferdous lives in Sunny Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. He has completed his Bachelor of Information Systems from Central Queensland University. He is one of the pioneer in Digital Marketing in Australia with a career over 6 years in various roles with some of the biggest digital marketing agencies in Australia. He has managed digital marketing campaign for Microsoft Hardware, Bunnings Warehouse, Hyundai Motors Australia, KIA Motors Australia, Target Australia, Coles Insurance to name a few.

Ferdous loves to solve the challenges dynamic nature of digital marketing faced by businesses and agencies. He has developed proven work flow and construct semi-automated process to accelerate most of the tasks undertaken by modern day digital marketer to improve productivity and efficiency. He has deployed customised solution in a number of businesses and agencies yielding higher productivity and saving over 50% on human resources.

Ferdous has vast experience in developing digital product offerings that will bring results and can be delivered by utilising your existing IT (and / or) Marketing professional. Ferdous also offer training for your team members so they can perform beyond their capabilities in digital marketing spectrum.

He is currently working on building two major marketing automation platforms that will likely to cause a major global shift through increasing marketing productivity and accuracy. Ferdous offer digital marketing consultancy services for marketing agencies and businesses in Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.